Contraindications and Concerns

This is a generalized overview of safety considerations for the average exercise enthusiast. A doctor or physical therapist should be consulted for any specialized needs or concerns.

  1. Hyperextension - straightening a joint past it's normal position
  2. Hyper flexion - bending a joint more than normal
  3. Repeatedly rising on the toes and heels may weaken the long arches of the feet.
  4. Staying on toes - press heels to the floor to prevent shin splints.
  5. Isometric exercises should not be performed by those with high blood pressure or heart trouble. If done for stabilization of the trunk, BE SURE you breathe.
  6. Avoid hyperventilation - Over breathing - forced, rapid, or deep breathing
  7. Dehydration - excessive loss of water from the body, usually through one of the following:
  8. Avoid moving arms/legs rapidly from water to air or vice versa. An exercise should keep arms in the water or keep arms out of the water for that exercise.

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