How Hydro-Tone Works with Basic Workout Program Goals


Joint range of motion is important to injury prevention and to feeling young. The lack of flexibility has been associated with almost 80% of low back problems. It is much easier to work the full range of motion in the water due to the lack of gravity. Land-based exercise devices develop strength along restricted planes of motion, and the result can be uneven development and injury. Hydro-Tone equipment is engineered to maximize water resistance in all dimensions of movement. In addition, the buoyancy of water during a Hydro-Tone workout easily allows movements which are more difficult or impossible using land weights or machines.

Water Buoyancy provides a healthier exercise environment, particularly for users with muscle and joint injuries. Conventional weight training uses gravity resistance, which can cause or aggravate muscle and joint injuries.

Cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning

In order to produce an aerobic workout you need to cause the heart to pump additional blood to the exercising muscles. The use of resistance equipment causes more muscles to be involved in the exercise and increases the aerobic aspect of the movement at slower speeds.

Keep in mind that an aerobic workout must be continuous and rhythmical and involve the largest muscles of the body. Land-based weights force users to stop exercising to change equipment, thereby reducing the aerobic benefit. Movements can be continuous and flow from one direction into the next or from one exercise into the next. All moves are concentric (positive) contractions and the risk of muscle soreness or more serious injury to muscle fiber and tendons is greatly reduced.

Water workouts put additional loads on the respiratory system because of water pressure on the diaphragm and chest. This will lead to expanded lung capacity and improved respiration.

Strength training and toning

The American College of Sports Medicine is the group of experts recognized for setting the standards of exercise prescription and testing in the United States. They have recognized the importance of adding resistance training to all workout programs in an effort to maintain lean body mass and reduce osteoporosis. The resistance of Hydro-Tone equipment can build strength and tone in every workout you do.

Additionally, muscle strength helps to prevent injuries caused by lifting and weekend adventures we all seem to undertake sporadically. Lifting the punchbowl down from the top shelf or the turkey out of the oven are not things we typically go to the gym to do training, but they are part of the lives we all lead and we need to make sure we have the strength to meet those occasional demands and prevent injury.

Body Sculpting

One of the major goals of every person to embarks upon a fitness program is to increase appearance. We are a body-conscious society and body sculpting can increase self-esteem and job potential. Hydro-Tone is probably the best equipment for developing body symmetry. Women can increase the muscle definition in their arms and shoulders and help to balance the over-sized hips and thighs that are common complaints.

Muscle endurance

Muscle endurance is an important quality to enjoying the active and healthy lifestyle that leads to in improved quality of life. The ability to sustain activity for longer periods of time enables us to enjoy our vacations and to feel more energetic at the end of the workday. An increase in muscle endurance yields higher energy levels.

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