Hydro-Boot Exercises 7-9

[IMAGE] Hydro-Boot Exercises #7-9

Hydro-Boot Exercise #7

Karate Kickers - This is a 4-count movement of: 1) lift the foot, 2)kick to the side, 3)bring the foot back under the hip, and 4) stand.
Focus: Buttocks, thighs, and trunk
Option: Combine with Hydro-Bell #3

Hydro-Boot Exercise #8

Runner's Stride - Stand sideways holding onto a wall. Slightly bend the leg closest to the wall to protect the knee joint. Raise the other leg and start to perform a runner's movement. Gradually raise the knee higher and kick the foot out more forcefully, and pull the leg down straight towards the bottom, and then kick the heel up. Repeat this circular type of movement with the same leg. Turn around and exercise the other leg equally. Protect the back and get the most from this exercise by raising the chest and standing tall, with tight abdominals as the leg is pulled down and then the foot is pulled up.
Focus: Buttocks, thighs, and hamstrings
Option: Combine with Hydro-Bell #3

Hydro-Boot Exercise #9

Side leg lift-plie' - Stand facing the wall. Sweep right leg out towards the surface. Pull it back down and behind the left leg while doing a plie'. Repeat several swings up and down with the right leg while standing on the left. Switch legs.
Focus: Buttocks, thighs, and trunk

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