Hydro-Boots and Hydro-Bells

Hydro-Boots and Hydro-Bells are Hydro-Tone's top of the line. They are used by Olympic athletes, serious trainers, physical therapists and doctors worldwide. This set is considered to be the best aquatic exercise equipment in the world.

 The plastic section of the Hydro-Bells and Hydro-Boots are hi-impact polypropylene with U.V. and chlorine resistance factors. The Hydro-Boot cushion is made of closed-cell rubber foam.

 Hydro-Boots are yellow and come in three sections which are attached by means of hytrel hinges which, in turn, allow for maximum articulation of the foot/ankle area, while maintaining alignment and stability of the 3-D resistance blades of the Hydro-Boot.

 Hydro-Bells are a yellow hydrodynamic resistor with three-dimensional configurations designed to enhance and take advantage of the total resistance field of water.

 Retail prices:
PR-1 Hydro-Bell Item # PR-1 consists of the following:
  • one pair of Hydro-Bells
  • upper body instruction chart
PR-2 Hydro-Boot Item # PR-2 consists of the following:
  • one pair of Hydro-Boots equipped with comfort pads
  • sturdy TPU boot straps with directions to attach the strap to the boot
  • lower body instructional chart
TS-3 Total Fitness System 3 consists of the following in a shipping box:
  • one pair of Hydro-Bells
  • one pair of Hydro-Boots equipped with comfort pads plus TPU straps
  • one complete body workout DVD (DVD-3)
  • one set of workout charts
(no mesh bag included)

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