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[IMAGE] Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems Inc. This area allows users of Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems Equipment to share their ideas or testimonies, invite new users to their workouts, and/or ask their questions from Hydro-Tone's Training Team..

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Meet some of our Users

Meet Jo Pickwoad, from Severna Park, MD. Jo writes,"...Linda Ells had to work a class proposal for the spring '96 semester and the name of the course is to be Hydro-Tone Body Sculpting. We can document that working with the equipment and modifying the diet, has changed our body weights and shapes. I myself, who has been doing water aerobics for 5 years couldn't lose any weight, even with a modified diet. Since March, I've lost 25 pounds and several sizes. So your equipment has really helped. Many other participants have also slimmed down. This equipment is also being used by the younger students in the credit aerobic classes and everyone thinks they are the greatest." (Oct. 12, 1995)

 Jeff from Chino Hills, CA wrote to tell us:

I wanted to send you an E-mail to tell you how I feel about your products, specifically the hydro-boots and hydro-bells.

 For the past couple of years I have been struggling with a back injury. In March of this year I had surgery on my lower spine for a herniated disc. Over the past two years I had gained alot of weight.

For the past 9 weeks I have been fortunate enough to see a physical therapist who began a more rigorous type of therapy (aqua therapy) on me. I have spent many hours in the pool using your equipment and the results have been tremendous. I have lost 45 pounds, and the conditioning and toning that I have received with these workouts is awesome. I like the fact that the equipment seems to progress with you, the harder you work it, the harder it works you. My friends and family cannot believe the change that is taking place in me. I still have 36 pounds to go, and I am confident I will make it all the way. I may have to purchase a set of these after my recovery is done.

Thank you again. Your product has changed my life.