Hydro-Tone Water Weights Exercises 4-6

[IMAGE] Water Weights Exercises #4-6

Water Weights Exercise #4

Shoulder Shrugs - With arms hanging at your side, move only the shoulders up, back, and downward, in a "shrugging" motion. Move the bells in larger circles until transitioned to full "plunging" motion. Add knee bends or backward walk.

 Focus: Shoulders, back, and arms
Option: Combine with WW#13

Water Weights Exercise #5

Plunges - Begin with bells at your sides, arms nearly straight. Alternately raise the bells to your armpits and lower them. (Up, down, up, down).

 Focus:Shoulders, back, and arms.
Option:Combine with WW#13

Water Weights Exercise #6

Lateral Raise/Press - Begin with the bells at your side. Swing the bells out and upward, and then return. Start with small swings and progressively increase up to a maximum height of the shoulders. KEEP ELBOWS SLIGHTLY BENT!

 Focus:Shoulders, chest, and back
Option:Combine with WW#12

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