Water Weight Bells

Image of Water Weight BellsImage of Mini-Fins Water Weight™ Bells are unparalleled for their versatility. Fill bells with water for neutral buoyancy, or with air for exercises requiring buoyancy. True 3-D design gives excellent performance in water for any direction or path of motion.

 The yellow Mini-Fins can be used with the Mini-Bells. They are made from a single three-inch high section of high-impact PPP (poly-propylene) with three-dimensional W-shaped resistance blades and come with a thick foam comfort pad. These blades are secured around one's leg above the ankle with two-inch wide velcro straps. The force is created by the resistance of the water against the blades of the MINI-FINS as they are moved through the water. When one moves his/her legs three times faster through the water, the resistance is squared to nine times more force.

Water Weight™ Bells are also called MINI-BELLS. These are hollow poly-propylene dumbbells with 4 blades at each end for resistance and stability. It has removable end caps that allows the bell to be used for additional flotation or to be filled with water for neutral buoyancy. MINI-BOOT".

 Retail Prices...

 Water Weight Bells ... $29.95/pair

 Mini-Fins ... $59.95/pair

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